Electrotherapy simply means we use a machine to help get results. At Bay Active we use new technology to support our physiotherapists' skills, never to replace them

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Therapeutic ultrasound

Discover how our ultrasound treatments help promote healing, especially for sprains, joint injuries and tendonitis



Delivery of a gentle electric current can sometimes give immediate pain relief. Talk to us to see if it could be a useful part of your pain management strategy at home, too



Electromyography can be a useful tool for assessing muscle function, and teaching them to work better. It's particularly beneficial for chronic achy necks and shoulders


Mechanical traction

Traction tends to be a short-term solution, so talk to us about whether it could be useful and how it might fit into a more comprehensive treatment plan that best looks after you


ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy)

There's growing evidence that certain pathological alteration of tendons, ligaments, capsules and bones - the most common root causes of pain - may be systematically improved with this innovative therapy approach.