From ‘Greeter’ to ‘Treater’

 Most would know Natalie as the ‘greeter’ at the front desk. What most people don't know is that she is also a qualified occupational therapist (OT) who has specialised in children and worked predominantly in private practice for 8 years. As of Jan 2012 Natalie will be returning to practicing paediatric OT at Bay Active Physio. She will be conducting groups in preparation for the new school year. These groups are fun and engaging and a good way to occupy your children with learning through play.  

Groups for January include:

A preschooler group—focusing on foundation skills such as pre-writing patterns, specific fine motor skills (including pencil grip), gross motor skills and social/behavioral management

A kindergarten group—focusing on handwriting skills such as letter formation, orientation to line and pencil control, attending to task and concentration, postural stability and visual perceptual skills.

A year 1-3 group—focusing on consolidating task specific skills including components of handwriting such as fluency and calibration speed, attention and concentration, visual perceptual skills such as spelling

Additionally Natalie is well equipped and experienced in providing formal standardized assessments of your child and in designing the appropriate therapy intervention required. She guarantees to liaise with all involved including teachers, carers, other health professionals etc. If you have any questions then please call her at the clinic on 9363 0490.



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