Osgood?? Not So Good

Continuing on the theme of children, and at the risk of sounding obvious it can be said that kids can suffer the same injuries as their adult counterparts. There are however significant differences in the treatment of these injuries due to the different nature of their bone and tendon structure.

For example, during periods of rapid growth, bone lengthens before the muscles and tendons can adapt which can cause problems with strength and coordination. This can lead to muscle and tendon injuries.

One common complaint in our younger patients is knee pain. In some cases this is caused by a condition known as Osgood Schlatters Disease which occurs because repeated contractions of the large tendon which attaches the knee cap to the shin becomes inflamed and pulls on the bone. It is usually associated with a high level of physical activity, especially in sports involving running and jumping and is aggravated by exercise.

Generally this condition can be adequately treated by icing, taping and reducing the aggravating activity. Naturally we would also suggest some very professional (and cheerful) physiotherapy as can be found with the wonderful team here at Bay Active Physio.

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