Pilates Classes in Double Bay



Our exercise classes are designed by physiotherapists and take place in our modern, comfortable gym, Bay Active Physique. We run various classes to suit the needs of our physio clients as well as members of the public.


Pilates classes in double bay

Core stability classes for back and neck pain

Learning to reactivate your core muscles can:

  • Reduce back pain

  • Help prevent back pain from returning later on – reducing the risk of recurrence from 80% to 30%, according to University of Queensland research

Our physio-led core classes are specifically designed to help you get active again after a period of back pain, neck pain, headache or whiplash.

In these one-hour classes, your instructor will use physio, yoga and pilates to help you strengthen and engage the deep muscles that support your spine and neck - what's known as core stability.

Research suggests these deep core muscles often become inactive after an episode of back or neck pain.

When you've had an injury, learning to engage these muscles correctly isn't always easy. Our physio will be able to guide you and, if necessary, use real-time ultrasound to help.

Classes are limited to eight participants so we can target your needs.

Once you've learnt to engage your core in easy positions, we'll move on to harder ones using weights, bands, balls, rollers, steps and hula hoops, progressing through carefully-stepped levels.

Over time, correct movement and posture will become automatic – helping you stay active and pain-free for longer.

Circuit classes

Circuit classes are fast, fun workouts that will push you further, but are adapted for a variety of individual abilities.

Beginners use less weight and perform simpler moves than more experienced exercisers. With a maximum of six participants in a class, you can feel confident you're being fully supervised by the physiotherapist.

In a typical session, you'll move between six exercise stations (eg treadmill/bike, reformer, TRX, floor). You'll do two-minute bursts at each station, until you've done three complete circuits... with minimal breaks!

These classes are great for conditioning, and will increase strength and aerobic fitness as well as burn calories.

We break up the routine each week with different stations and exercises, to add variety to the challenge.

The 60-minute class always finishes with stretches.

Potential benefits of our Movewell classes include:

  • Better balance

  • Helping to maintain bone density

  • Promoting brain health

  • Reducing the risk of depression via serotonin production

  • Social time

Exercise classes for healthier ageing

Movewell classes are designed to help prevent falls. They combine exercises for strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and balance.

Roughly one in three older people have a fall each year. Research shows wxercise programmes such as Movewell have the potential to reduce this risk by up to a third.

Movewell classes can be tailored to suit your ability. It's also possible to do the session seated.