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Real-time diagnostic ultrasound

Physiotherapists at Bay Active Physio have access to the latest high-quality diagnostic ultrasound equipment.

ultrasound for back pain

Being able to 'see' into muscles and tissue in real time helps us:

  • Assess your ability to recruit specific muscles or engage your 'core'

  • Boost your recovery, by teaching you how to engage these muscles with instant, visual biofeedback

  • Help you strengthen surrounding muscles by giving you a strong base to work from

Ultrasound for back pain

Diagnostic real-time ultrasound can help us assess all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries, but the evidence suggests it’s particularly helpful for back pain.

With ultrasound, we can show you on a TV screen how your deep core muscles are working. You've probably heard that strengthening your deep core muscles can help back pain. However, without help, it can be hard to know if you're doing this correctly. 

Once you're acing your strengthening exercises with live feedback, it becomes much easier to repeat them effectively at home. This can speed the way to better spinal stability, and less back pain.

Is ultrasound safe?

We use equipment like what a doctor would use to show a picture of an unborn baby.

We'll run a probe over your skin which emits sound waves. These cause tiny vibrations in your tissue, producing a digital image in which we can clearly see the different layers of muscles working.

Diagnostic ultrasound is generally considered very safe, with little potential for side effects.