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We combine decades of hands-on experience with the latest equipment, research and guidelines


Diagnostic real-time ultrasound

Have your injury assessed and get a better picture of how your muscles are working using live ultrasound

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Manual therapies & massage

These hands-on techniques and a one-to-one approach are at the heart of our treatments and care

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We’ve invested in high-end electrotherapy and pain-relief equipment for an innovative approach

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Exercise prescription

Our physiotherapists prescribe exercises to help you achieve your goal, whether that's lifting a cup or getting back into sport 

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Dry needling

Have you ever thought about dry needle therapy, a useful tool for managing back pain, neck pain and more?

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Ergonomics & workstation set-up

Our therapists offer desk and posture advice, as well as workplace assessments, to help stop neck, back and shoulder problems before they happen

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Home physio visits

Stuck at home and in pain? We can come to you

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Info for healthcare providers

We'll manage your client with timely communication about assessment results, help them set goals and make recommendations for further management if needed

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Affiliated services

Our recommendations for other services in the local area

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