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Ultrasound to boost healing

Ultrasound machines deliver high-frequency sound waves into soft tissue.

We use ultrasound during diagnosis to get a picture of the injured area, but we also use it to promote healing - what's known as therapeutic ultrasound.

therapeutic ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound has been used since the 1950s and there's evidence to suggest it:

  • Warms and relaxes soft tissues

  • Boosts blood flow

  • Improves the function of scar tissue

  • Reduces swelling

  • Speeds up healing

Therapeutic ultrasound is most useful for tendonitis, ligament sprains, injuries to joint capsules and scar tissue.

Most ultrasound treatments will only take a few minutes and are used in conjunction with other manual therapies and exercise prescription. We'll first use a gel, then we'll move a probe across the skin over the affected area.

Ultrasound is considered very safe and comfortable when used by a trained professional, however we'll do a thorough assessment first to make sure it's suitable for you.